Significant progress has been made in recent years, and restoration has begun. Many of the critically important completed projects are infrastructure related, including an updated roof, mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

The fully restored lobby concessions and restrooms give visitors a feel for the quality and attention to detail which will be placed into the remainder of the project.

What Has Been Done – Slide Show

State Marquee at Night

What Still Needs to be Done?

Our next phase of construction is focused on the ornate auditorium and stage area. It also includes the second and third floors, which will contain spaces that can be used for events, private parties, meetings and more.

Auditorium: Ceiling, Plaster & Stencil Restoration, Sprinkler System, Painting, Seats, Carpet & Flooring, Exit Corridors & Doors

Stage: Proscenium, Accessibility Lifts, Catwalk, Dressing Rooms, Rigging, Lighting & Sound

Balcony: Seats, Bathrooms, Concessions, Offices, Lobby, Carpet & Flooring, Plaster & Stencil Restoration, Railings, Windows

Upper Levels: Stairwells, Projection Room, Lounge

Equipment: POS Ticketing Technology, Projection Equipment, Speaker Installation, Projection Screen, Sound & Auto, Curtains (Main, Valance & Acoustical), Elevator, Wurlitzer Organ Restoration

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